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Comments from clients.

                                    Thanks everyone


My Joey horse Blade was wonderful today, he was so perfect I did some flexing exercises on the way to the bridlepaths, shoulders in, bending, turning and even wiggling across the road neck reining and getting him to bend just off my leg and then asked for a jog and wowowow HE JOGGED, HE JOGGED THANK YOU Bob Reader! He arched his neck and worked from his hindquarters with no contact it was beautiful, only 10 minutes of bending exercises! He was working so nicely today I don't remember him ever working like this, holding himself into an outline and using his hindquarters to stop and go, he was even arching his neck as he stopped or slowed down it was mad! I could actually feel his back end working, he has really turned around since I decided to train him fully in Western. So proud of him, of course, he ruined it by bolting on the way home and being joggy and scared of cows but I count it as a good day! Thank you again Bob, I knew it would work but I didn't expect the difference to be instant!




Thanks very much Bob Reader for a great lesson yesterday, very enlightening and I didn't fall off ha ha. Sooo enjoyed watching the youngsters Alano with Karen Burgess and Jack the little quarter horse and his very brave rider to see the other side of the spectrum! Think Ive got me mo jo back Looking forward to the next time u r here. X




What an amazing 4 days with Bob. Didn't want it to end . Day 1 was the first ride since accident and the first ride on my beautiful horse - Jack. Monday I felt I would never have the confidence to ride again and after Bob's wonderful approach and natural ability to work with me and Jack, I've so much confidence and now not a bit of worry in the world! Thank you so much Bob and counting the days until you are back in January so we can continue!
Bob Reader is an amazing trainer! So gentle and effective, can't wait to spend the rest of the week together. Know I've found the right person to take me and Jack to the show ring next Easter.
Thank you for a great lesson really coming away feeling like Ive achieved something with Henry very proud of him thank you xx